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    History and location: Nantong Penglian Textile Co., Ltd. is a modern management company integrating production and trade. The company is located in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta and the coast of the South Yellow Sea-the "first modern city" in Nantong, Jiangsu, with very convenient transportation.

    Qualification: The company specializes in producing various types of laces, ribbons and other surface accessories, which are widely used in major well-known brand clothing. Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries. The company is equipped with advanced production equipment: Swiss Saurer machines, multi-head embroidery machines, computerized jacquard looms, high-speed shuttleless jacquard ribbon looms, computerized jacquard trimming machines, ironing machines, warp knitting machines, disc machines, dyeing and shaping equipment, etc. ; Set up complete development and design, production, technical testing and other departments; owns environmentally friendly dyeing and finishing production lines; products meet ASTM, EN71, OTEX and ROHS requirements, and have passed SGS, ITS and other laboratory testing standards; in order to meet various needs of customers , The company is equipped with a strong sales service team.

    Business philosophy: Our company adheres to the philosophy that trade drives production and production drives the company's entire business, adheres to people-oriented, pays attention to product research and development capabilities and quality improvement, and embarks on a new pattern of independent design and independent development. The company has won a broad market at home and abroad with its core values ??of "excellent service, continuous innovation, teamwork, and honesty". The company began to upgrade in 2011: 1. Customer upgrade, positioning in the development of well-known brands; 2. Product upgrades, from small striped dresses in the past to a wide variety of lace fabrics and lace ready-made garments today. The company provides customers with personalized and fashionable products and services with its unique business strategy and super design concept.

    Seek common development: With advanced equipment and continuous independent innovation, the company is committed to becoming a fashion-leading lace kingdom and creating a world brand. To this end, we must make every effort to achieve a win-win cooperation with customers. Here the general manager of the company and all the staff sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to discuss cooperation.



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